About Us

Our Story

Our commitment to protecting consumers is rooted in our personal experiences as an advocate for vulnerable people. We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and their rights are not violated by businesses and service providers.


Who we are

We are a consumer advocacy platform that helps you fight back against bad service providers. We provide an open, honest and transparent platform to discuss your experience with service providers who have failed to deliver the quality they promised.

Empower others

Your stories can help empower others to make informed decisions about which service provider to use. With our platform, you can help inform others about unreliable service providers and help them avoid making the same choices.


How We Can Help

Our platform gives you the power to hold service providers accountable for their actions. You can share your story and experiences with other people and demand that service providers answer for their lack of quality and/or support.

Where We See Our Platform In The Future

A better world where businesses, and service providers act conscionably and respect their customers regardless of where they're loacted. Please join us to create a better world where everyone has access to fair, and equitable services.